Two Things to Do Today to Dramatically Improve Yourself

Positively change your dating life, career, and academics

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There are two things you can start doing right now to improve your life

And these things you can do every single day until the day you die:

  1. Exercise 30 minutes every single day
  2. Read every single day

By doing these two things every day, you will reap the rewards of both physical and mental realms.

Doing anything every single day instills discipline, and builds that concrete habit into your life. This will only lead to more and more positive habits that you incorporate into your life over time.

These two things in particular however is like the Holy Grail pairing of self-help habits.

If you workout/exercise every single day, you will soon become the fittest, healthiest person out of your family, friends, and community.

There is not a single area in life that would not benefit from being in better physical shape.

This immediately makes you a leader, a person of inspiration, and a role model for all those around you.

This means your confidence will skyrocket as well.

Confidence is king when it comes to careers, jobs, school, and relationships, and it all improves dramatically from being in peak physical condition.

Reading every single day is the next component to the equation.

The same principles apply to this as I said above about exercise: if you read every single day, even just 15-20 minutes a day, over the course of months and years you will become one of the most well-read people in your community.

This holds serious weight in both the professional and social world.

Everyone respects someone who is well-read.

If you are known as a well-read person, it means you are known as someone who does their homework, who is informed, who is disciplined, who is passionate for learning and for books — these things can make you powerful and influential.

Consider two applicants for one job position.

  • They both interview and have identical resumes and degree credentials
  • One interviewee is far more fit and muscular than the other; plus that fit interviewee also walked into the office with a paperback book in hand that they were reading just before the interview.

Subconsciously, we gravitate to those we see as healthy and fit. I don’t know why exactly, but this is the case more often than not. It is not always fair, but it happens.

Add in the subtle yet important detail of the book that the interviewee has in their hand, and the combination is potent.

How could an employer choose the less fit person who does not read?

Exercise and read every single day and you will always be making yourself a better version of yourself, day after day.

That is a dangerous and potent formula. It surprises me that I do not meet more people who do this regularly.

And yet, the very fact that this combination is rare can actually prove advantageous for those who do choose to implement these two habits.

Together they can be completed within an hour. Or even without half-an-hour. It can be a quick and productive part of your day that forever bolsters every other facet of your life.

Now get to it.

Phil Rosen is a travel writer and journalist. His new book is available on Amazon. If you want to see more of his ideas, check out his travel and lifestyle blog and Instagram.

A similar post first appeared in one of my Quora answers in July 2020.

Bestselling travel writer. Columnist. Author. USC Annenberg School of Journalism.

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