Thank you for reading, responding, and imbuing your language with such easily perceptible vitriol. It is quite clear that you are very fond of your own vocabulary and ability to senselessly critique strangers on the internet, all of whom you assume you are smarter than. Without a doubt, you have a skill in articulation. Equally as limpid is that you have an innate desire to appear correct to the rest of the world, a deep-rooted drive to show strangers how intelligent you are, how much education you've had, and finally an insatiable drive to prove others wrong simply for the sport of it. I read what you wrote to some other writers.

You raise solid points in your rebukes against my article. However with but a cursory glance through your recent activity on Medium, I can see you do not read articles for the sake of supporting writers or learning something new; rather you read only with the goal of putting someone else down, and trying to prove how dominant your massive intellect is. Any attempt to claim otherwise would of course be specious. As we all know, every genius craves an audience.

Welcome to Medium Jamie Whyte, I hope you can find ways to be productive, insightful, and informative on this platform without pandering to your own need to prove how smart you are. Enough with the balderdash.

Bestselling travel writer. Columnist. Author. USC Annenberg School of Journalism.

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