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  • Alex Mathers

    Alex Mathers

    Writer, Coach and Illustrator. Join 26k people and get your free book: 12 habits of mentally strong people - https://www.alexmathers.net/12habitsbook

  • Lisa Iscrupe

    Lisa Iscrupe

    Curious about everything. Reporting the best facts to you. Twitter/insta: @lisaiscrupe

  • Aruna Gobalan

    Aruna Gobalan

    Science-backed Personal Growth Writer @ Partably.com | Author: https://partably.com/books/

  • Athirah Syamimi

    Athirah Syamimi

    Writing about life, side hustling and content creation. Join my free newsletter, made for creators: https://bit.ly/3clxqVz

  • Shabaira Junaid

    Shabaira Junaid

    Writer. Book Enthusiast. Solitude Seeker

  • Kathryn Staublin

    Kathryn Staublin

    Writer, teacher, artist.



    Student of Life. Lover of Poetry & Movies. Author of a cookbook&Poetry collection. https://paystack.com/pay/wordsrwine https://paystack.com/pay/wordsrwine1

  • Jeff Wild

    Jeff Wild

    An old freak looking for a way to survive in a world I no longer understand, but through my writing, pretend I do.

  • Olivia Marlene

    Olivia Marlene

    A law abiding non-conformist. A lawyer by profession, a mom by nature. Her hobby is to challenge the norm. Reach her at: missoliviamarlene@gmail.com

  • David Ferrers

    David Ferrers

    Coach to 1,000+ clients, author of 600+ articles about how to succeed by practising self-expression to find meaning, prosperity & happiness in life.🇬🇧

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